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Intruder Review



Trailer Uploaded to Youtube by user annubis44

Ah, The 1980s slasher, such an over saturated genre. These films on here have not fared so well, however looking at the cast and crew of this film, quickly ended my feeling of dread towards this. It had potential to be freaking awesome.

Intruder is basically an unseen killer, in a 1980s supermarket. After a physical fight with her obsessed, stalker ex boyfriend, someone is killing off Jennifer’s co-workers one by one, while they are locked in the store overnight. This movie features both Raimi brothers in bit parts, Greg Nicotero special effects and a cameo by Bruce Campbell! It does start off kind of slow, however, once the store is closed for the night, the mayhem ensues.

I was disappointed that the initial murder scene was shown off screen, was fearing this would be continued, but I was dead wrong. There are head crushings, impalements and use of a band saw for a partial decapitation. All effects are well done and creative, especially for the late 1980s. I would have liked Bruce Campbell in this longer, but he was also filming Maniac Cop at the time, so could not have made it. All in all, this was one of the best 1980’s slashers that I have ever seen.
I highly recommend it.

RATING: A-(80%)

PROS: Some creative kill scenes, some well done gore, the old grocery store gave me a huge sense of nostalgia, had some good comedic moments.

CONS: takes a little while to get things going, not enough Bruce Campbell

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