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Open House Review


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After being very pleasantly surprised by Intruder, I decided to seek out other more obscure 1980s slashers, after listening to a recent Radiodrome, I was directed to this film. Am I again being misled by a Josh Hadley recommendation? or will this be a pleasant surprise.

The short answer is, no, it was not. Open House follows a radio psychiatrist and his real estate agent girlfriend, played by Adrienne Barbeau. After a series of murders occurring during open houses at higher end homes, a mysterious caller is making threatening calls into the show and seems to be very knowledgeable of the murders, are they just some crazy taking credit? or the murderer themselves?

This film is extremely dull, it is dialogue heavy, which is mostly forgettable, and all violence is off screen or out of frame. The film severely drags, it makes 88 minutes feel like 3 hours, and the ending is dull. Really dull is the completely accurate word for this film. The only potential positive was the killer himself, he was slightly intriguing and his motive is very different from the norm. In the end, this was a slashingless slasher, all characters were cliched or just plain dull. Again Josh, you failed me.

RATING: F(45%)

Pros: The killer was a slightly likeable character and his motive was very different

Cons: Boring, boring, boring…..No violence shown on screen, the one or two gore effects looked like they came from a Halloween store.


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