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John Dies at The End Review



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John Dies at the End was my must see movie of 2013. I like Don Coscarelli’s work a lot. Loved the Phantasm series and Bubba Ho Tep, and even really liked his Masters of Horror opus, Incident off and on a Mountain Road. So I was more than psyched to rent this, since it did not release theatrically in my area.

John Dies at the End is essentially the tale of the effects and consequences of a drug named Soy Sauce, which has not only euphoric abilities but also enhances ones spiritual and mental capabilities, to the point that extradimensional travel is possible. This of course leads to a variety of strange and violent situations, culminating in the battle against an interdimensional deity.

This film is very comedic, relatively violent and looked phenomenal, the characters were likeable enough, but in the end there was something that just made me only like it a bit. In terms of plot and visuals, it is very original, there are some very fun moments and an awesome Angus Scrimm, of Phantasm fame, cameo. But again, nothing here blew me away. I really wanted to love this film, but merely liked it at best, it’s by no means bad, but I was expecting a lot more. Really the only major complaint I have is there are some pacing issues, I found myself around the half way point looking at the clock, but otherwise no major complaints. I am not sure why I don’t really like this film in reality. I just was underwhelmed I guess.

Rating: B+ (77%)

PROS: very original concept, some good effects, main characters are likeable enough.

CONS: really only some minor pacing issues.


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