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The Cold aka The Game Review


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This is another of the public domain horror released on a 50 pack set by Mill Creek. The Cold aka The Game, takes the same basic premise as House On Haunted Hill, with a group of people being invited to an isolated mansion, by an unknown party and offered several million dollars to stay and survive a few nights. This film is a bit of an oddity, it seems to have three or four different plot changes that rarely, if ever make an sense or are resolved even.

It turns out the millionaires have rigged the house with some high tech scare effects and a hunchbacked assistant, however there is also someone killing off the random invitees. Or maybe not since that plot point is later dropped. Really there is no coherent plot, not much in the way of violence or gore, but a fair bit of nudity. There is also a plot towards the climax that brings in a cold based apparition but then the ending slightly contradicts that too.

All in all, I actually liked this film. It doesn’t look the greatest and the acting is over the top bad, but the atmosphere and the unintentional humor was welcome. It’s brainless and nonsensical, but it’s decently paced and fun to watch.

RATING: B(74%)

PROS: good atmosphere, so bad it’s good kind of movie, brainless in a good way.

CONS: No real coherent plot, some lame effects, nothing really new here.


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