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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Review



After completely loving the Asylums mockbuster, Abraham Lincoln Vs Zombies, I was so stoked to see this film, but was in fear of being bored and annoyed by the dreaded CGI, which in my opinion, mostly hurts the genre. However, in this case, it was a pleasant surprise.

Ok, first off, this film is pretty mindless. It is flashy, overly action packed and often incoherent – vampires cannot kill each other?-
however, it is also very fun, and has some likeable characters and a load of violence. The story follows Lincoln in his ongoing struggles with vampires through out his life, from the childhood murder of his mother to the war on the south and their secret weapons, the vampires. After meeting and training with vampire hunter Henry Sturgis, he not only avenges his mother but also uses the new knowledge in the battle of Gettysburg. Ok, historically there are some inaccuracies but it matters little, in the end. All said and done, this was a decent looking, violent and fun film, a rare modern horror that I actually enjoyed.

Rating: B+(78%)

Pros: violent, looks very good, likeable characters, mindlessly fun.

Cons: Some CGI looks bad, a few minor pacing issues, some plot points were kind of odd.

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