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Trick ‘r Treat Review



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Lately, I have bought a lot of new DVDs again, despite promising to watch what I have first, however with an Amazon Prime membership now and some spare paypal funds, I indulged. Among these were some titles which I have been putting off for a long time, this being one of the top.

Many horror sites and fans have recommended this. Trick R Treat is an anthology movie of sorts, but with a slightly different and better lay out. It follows the traditional ideal of Hallowe’en, the celtic ceremony of Samhain, and addresses some myths and traditions. This film had elements of slasher, zombie, and supernatural horror, that all come together nicely in the end. I really don’t want to spoil any of this, as it is all very well inter-connected. Finally another anthology I liked, reminded me a lot of Tales from The Darkside and a little bit of People Under the Stairs.

RATING: A-(81%)

PROS: Really captures the Hallowe’en atmosphere well, some decent gore, all stories go well together.

CONS: Some of it feels like a kids movie, some monster effects are not the greatest.

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