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Father’s Day 2011



Trailer uploaded to Youtube by user BastardCinema

Okay, 1st off, this date of this review is a happy accident. This was a must buy for me for a long time now and since the single disc re-release was on sale on Amazon, I had to indulge. Finally tonight I had time to invest in something and this was Melissa’s choice out of my new stack.

This is one of those throwback films, much like Machete and Hobo With a Shotgun, the 1st thing I loved was the disc it’s self with the old style tape labels, the menu is presented like an early 80s cable guide, and has an 80s style Lloyd Kaufman interview as a lead in.

The film itself, has a fairly gory opening, with some cannibalism and a shotgun to the head, then it moves to the present, following the exploits of a murder whom kills fathers only. Somehow the killer survived a shotgun blast to the head. A vigilante, a priest and a male prostitute track down the father’s day killer, following a bloody trail.

This film by Astron 6, is pure Canuxploitation gold. It is mindless, violent, bloody and has a good dark sense of humour and strippers. I liked the few 80s touches here and there, with tracking lines and snow, complete with synthed sound track and some retro styled trailers within a commercial break within the film. There is even a montage, well sort of. There is some good gore scenes, especially one involving a box cutter and an eyeball, and some creative uses of violence and a self mutilation scene that was cringe worthy. There is a lot of intentionally bad CGI, green screen and over some stop motion. Even a Return of the Jedi reference, and of course Lloyd Kaufman cameo. The ending was brilliantly bleak in a comical way.

Rating: A (84%)

PROS: Made me smile a lot, brainless fun, great nostalgic feel and look, over the top characters and an awesomely brainless sense of humour.

CONS: nothing much really, maybe some annoying background characters, but really not much to complain about.

Not for everyone. but if you follow or like most of the films on this blog, this is a must see, Highly entertaining.


One response to “Father’s Day 2011

  1. Megan ⋅

    Greatest film ever.

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