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Tucker and Dale vs Evil Review



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Amazon Prime has turned out to be a godsend, well my free trial that has now expired at least, and combining that with a clear out sale of blu rays, and I stocked up on some of my must see list. This is another one, that has been on for awhile.

Horror comedies are not my friend and have a bad record on this blog, thus far. So I was very apprehensive of this film. Combine that with the often misleading trailers, as was the case huge time in my recent viewing of Kevin Smith’s Red State, I really had to push myself to watch this….but here we go.

Tucker and Dale is essentially a comedic take on the hillbilly horror genre, like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Don’t Go in the Woods, Wrong Turn, Lunch Meat …etc. There is a lot of nods to classic horror films, a few in jokes and a lot of comedy of errors. Along with some gore even thrown in for good measure, some of it more effective than others. The protagonists are likeable enough, and the situations that cause the mayhem are often pretty comical. Rarely have impalings been so comical, and then there is the woodchipper scene. I found myself smiling quite a bit through this, and was shocked that for the most part, this horror-comedy blend works. Shockingly, it’s not completely predictable and is a nice change on the standard formula. Sure it’s a little mindless, but also fun as hell and brought me out of a dark place, that I have been in for last few weeks. While not for everyone, most genre fans will be pleased.

Rating A- (81%)

Pros: likeable protagonists, some pretty good comedic violence, the lead actress is stunning, satisfying enough ending.

Cons: not for everyone, sometimes is a little overkill on the dumb factor, some gore effects towards the end were mediocre.


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