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Junior 1985 Review

AKA: A Cut Above


None available currently

In general I dislike Canadian films. There are the rare exceptions, Hobo With a Shotgun, Father’s Day come to mind, but in reality, even decent films made here are few and far between.

I first encountered this film on a pretty cool site,, which I would recommend for anyone whom follows or likes this blog. It is a hillbilly revenge movie, kind of in the vein of I Spit on Your Grave and Mother’s Day, but much more tame. For the most part, Junior is really just a slight annoyance, pulling petty vandalism and the odd childish prank. He is very akin to the annoying Alan from the abysmal Return to Sleepaway Camp. There is a lot of nudity, one of the main features seems to be the display of the lead, Suzanne DeLaurentiis’s rather ample assets. There are T & A shots galore, and often they are very close up. The violence here is very minimal, there’s a scene involving a fish hook and someone’s hand that is slightly gruesome, and an awesome scene involving creative use of a bikini top as a weapon, but in reality, nothing new, innovative or interesting really happens. There is a generic 1980’s revenge theme to it, but it is tamed down ALOT. In general, the titular character has to be the most incompetent and least threatening horror villain in recent memory. Portrayed by Jeremy Ratchford, the character is over the top in a bad way, too hammy to take seriously. There is a minor, but predictable twist at the climax, but it’s nothing too interesting.

In the end, this is merely ok at best. Not worth searching out, as this has no current DVD release, but is available on Youtube, if you absolutely must see this.

Rating: C- (63%)

PROS: The lead actresses are very attractive and have phenomenal physiques, which are always on display, creative use of a necklace and bikini top as weapons.

CONS: The antagonist was way too over the top to work on any level, very little violence or gore, most of the time Junior is tormenting them with petty vandalism, not violence. Horrendous dialogue. Junior was very similar to Wile E Coyote, in his plots and constantly falling into basic traps.

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