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The Chainsaw Sally Show: Season 1 Review



Trailer Uploaded to Youtube by Troma
** OK, Not a trailer, I couldn’t find a good one, but Lloyd Kaufman’s intro***

Music Video:

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I love 70’s and 80’s slasher films. I love Chainsaw Massacre Rip offs. I love goth girls. I love H.G. Lewis films and Troma. And finally, I grew up with and liked, 80s style sitcoms. So when I found out there was a combination of all the above. I had to buy it.

The Chainsaw Sally Show, is a spin off of an independent movie that was largely lesser known from 2004. It is a violent, sexy and comical, show, shot in the 1980s sitcom style. It follows the titular character Sally, her strange brother Ruby, and Poe, a highschool aged goth girl, in their day to day lives. This series is full of blood, boobs and gore, and is mindlessly good fun. The 1st two episodes weren’t the greatest, but after that, it became a practical effects, gore laden riot.

As much as I loved it as a whole, it did have some faults. There was a lot of filler, even an episode or two which seemed to Walking Dead it – meaning just drag it out to make more episodes, much like The Walking Dead had done with Season 3 -, there was some way overplayed toilet humor and a few places where effects weren’t so great or flat out failed.

However, in the end, I fully recommend this, I picked it up on Amazon, on a complete whim and was very pleased, and as a bonus, it also contains a full length film as an extra, Grindhog, which I will watch and likely review at a later date.

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Rating: B+(77%)

Pros: An awesome blending of some of my favorite things, some good gore, it’s a very fun watch, some great music, attractive actresses blood and boobs and gore, YAY!!!

Cons: Suffers from a mild case of The Walking Dead Season 3 Syndrome, some overdone toilet humor.

Buy it here:

The Chainsaw Sally Show: Season One

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