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The Manitou Review




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Another Canadian made horror film, which I have put off for a very long time, The Manitou was first brought to my attention during one of James Rolfe’s Monster Madness, one caveat though, the awesome Monster Madness sequence is loaded with spoilers and kills this movie if you see it first.

That being said, The Manitou is kind of an Exorcist clone at first, but later turns into Exorcist 2 territory. I will not spoil this in anyway, but the final act of this film is on the same what the fuck level as Rock N’ Roll Nightmare.

The basic plot follows Karen, a woman with a sizeable tumor on the back of her neck, which was rapidly increasing in size everyday. Enter her boyfriend, played by Tony Curtis, whom is a theatrical medium with some real supernatural abilities, and a medical team that cannot make sense of the tumor. Any attempt to remove it results in a near fatal incident for Karen, as well as some violent and strange accidents within the surgery theatre. Without giving anymore away, since the twists are what makes this movie, it involves native american mysticism and some batshit crazy moments.

Criticism wise, this film does have some issues with pacing, seems about 15 minutes or so could be removed as I found myself rolling my eyes and watching the clock towards the middle, however the last 30 minutes or so are pure gold. There is also some strange issues with effects, a very early effect is extremely well done, however the climatic effects are laughable, but again it adds to the charm of this film. Tony Curtis somehow plays this straight, is very likeable and carries this film. It makes me wonder what provoked him to sign onto this. All in all, by no means a masterpiece, but a great companion piece to Exorcist 2, as well as tremendously entertaining finale.

RATING: B(75%)

PROS: the last 30 minutes or so are awesome!!! Tony Curtis was perfect as the lead. One of the early effects was very well done.

CONS: Some bad lagging issues for about 15 minutes or so in the middle, the climatic effects are beyond bad.


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