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The ABCs of Death




Why do I waste time on anthologies. I almost always despise them. Then factor in that this is modern horror, and almost a perfect storm for me.

Alas, I had high hopes for this though. One paper the concept is intriguing as hell, although it was done very wrong. Shit jokes, fart jokes, dick jokes and even a sick scene involving a kid, just plain awful really. Maybe 3 parts are tolerable at best, but most are dull, badly made or uninspired. I have no problem with torture porn or mindless violence but this film is just offensively bad. It almost talked down to genre fans and for me, that’s a cardinal sin.

RATING: F(45%)

PROS: A few moments are interesting enough, the letter Q entry is great fun, R has some decent gore. Some amazing ladies through out this. I also actually liked S.

CONS: Fart, dick and shit jokes, an icky moment involving a young boy and some perverts, nothing new or innovative. I wanted to turn this off out of sheer boredom but Melissa stopped me.

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