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31 Days :Day 3- American Scary Review

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This is a first for this site, a documentary, but I felt it went so well with this particular project. Besides, I generally like documentaries and might even learn something from it.

American Scary, gives us an overview of the Horror Movie Hosts, Vampira, Elvira, Zacherley, and Svengoolie to name a few, as well as some of the lesser know of their ilk. As well it details the spook show phenomenon of the 1950s. There are the regular interviews and some amazing stock footage and nostalgic goodness on display. Of course story isn’t really applicable in this case. It’s also loaded with some Horror genre royalty, as well as one of my personal favorite horror genre personalities, Hart D. Fisher, whom currently owns and runs the awesome free horror channel, American Horrors - There is a lot of genre goodness on display and some genuine TV horror legends. It definitely left me longing for the late night scare flicks from my youth.

This was highly informative, and fun. Brought back some great memories and highlighted some of the new generation of hosts. Some great flashbacks and a few laughs thrown in. I thoroughly enjoyed this. Was also some interviews with genre legends Tom Savini and Forest J Ackerman. This is a genre fans must see and a good introduction for new fans.

RATING: A(85%)

PROS: Great nostalgic moments, very insightful, some great interviews from genre legends. Nice mix of entertainment and information.

CONS: Some of the last 30 minutes or so drag, but otherwise nothing major to complain about.

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