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31 Days – Day 4: The Willies Review

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Sorry about the delay in this entry, I am on my last weekend of work before my 17 day holidays, so had not had opportunity to get to this.

Again, I find myself going against my better wisdom and watching an anthology, and one I know very little about, besides having seen it in video stores when I was a kid. So I decided that it’s been what, 23 years now, so why not give it a shot.

This film’s wrap around is the cliched kids telling scary stories around a campfire, very reminiscent of Are You Afraid of the Dark Tv series. There are a few urban legends portrayed here, the dead rat in the KFC bucket, the old woman whom dries her dog off in the microwave, to name a few. These are all very short, so held my attention well enough, however the effects are pretty bad. There is green blood and orange exploded dog parts. Very much a kids movie, much like The People Under The Stairs and The Monster Squad. After these few brief stories, we finally get to the core of the movie.

From the title sequence on, is two longer, less generic stories. The first one takes place in a middle school and involves a monster that dispatches wrong doers. It’s slightly predictable, and the monster effects are sub par, there is a fair amount of violence for a kids movie though and it’s surprisingly bloody and kills off child characters, a rarity in any horror film. All in all, it was alright, nothing new or outstanding, but it held my attention well enough.

The second main sequence, follows an obnoxious kid that is goes around town, causing all kinds of chaos, while stealing a few random items and being generally annoying. It turns out that he has a very unhealthy obsession with house flies and this is his motive for his petty thefts. It has a bit of a twist and then turns into a fairly bizarre little story, and there is a Kirk Cameron cameo for little purpose, but the main is very similar to Allan in the dreadful Return to Sleepaway camp. This takes a lot away from the story. I know the intent was for him to be repugnant and all, but this character goes above and beyond. The climax is a bit strange, and offers a little gore, but in the end, some severe lagging hurts it’s effectiveness. The wrap around ending ties it up nicely, but it’s nothing spectacular either. All in all, this was an alright, basically forgettable anthology, but sadly is one of the best of it’s ilk that has been reviewed here.

RATING: C+(67%)

PROS: For a kids centered horror film, is relatively graphic, the 1st story is fairly well paced, it held my attention 9/10s of the time.

CONS: The second story lead is over obnoxious, the second part drags a fair pit and the opening shorts are done to death better elsewhere.


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