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31 Days :Day 5 -Legend of Boggy Creek Review

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This is one of the supposed gems of the 1970’s which I have never scene. It pretty much created a genre of horror, the bigfootploitation if you will. It is also purported to be you of the best of it’s ilk, if not even the best. I honestly have no idea why I have never came across this until now.

For those of you whom aren’t aware of this film, It’s a faux documentary – one of those based on a true story types. It is about a bigfoot type creature, which was allegedly causing all kinds of havoc on a small Arkansas town. It also claims to star the real people whom had allegedly been terrorized by this monster. It’s shot in the now common found footage style slightly, which makes it and Cannibal Holocaust, the beginning of that style.

The film has no real plot per se, is more an investigation of the supposed events and some testimony and re-enactments. The scenery is amazing, the natural features of the creek are not only beautiful but also add some nice atmosphere. I also really liked the old grainy film feel of the 1970s in all it’s glory here, again more nostalgic bliss. However, that is about the end of the positives.

The film itself is boring, at least I found it to be. There is a lot of time with no monster at all, and just boring faux interviews, some empty, pointless narration and the creature suit isn’t very well made, even for the time period. Then there is the dreadful song about the creature….it defies logic. Actually then there seems to be a musical narrative, featuring awful folk songs. They are overly sugary and completely contradicts the film’s tone, much like some people find the odd music choices and comedic bits in Last House on Left do. There is no real suspense, no gore, and basically no violence, but this should come as no shock since it is rated G.
I have no idea what the hype about this film is about, it was just dull, on par with a boring paranormal investigation show, the likes of which National Geographical channels plays, adnaueseum.

RATING: F(44%)

PROS: Some decent atmospheric moments here and there, I really liked the grainy, grindhouse look of the film.

CONS: The damn musical/song narration about halfway through completely annihilates the tone, there is a ton of lagging points, very little of the film involves the creature. Just dull in general. Creature is maybe in about 25 minutes total of screen time.

Okay, Tomorrow I will catch this up, since I am on holidays now and just got a suspension on top of that, so extended holidays at that. Going to have to really just stick to what I know already for the next few, 4/5 being abysmal or mediocre is not a good start.


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