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31 Days -Day 6 – Hatchet Review

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I have very little idea what this film is about, but have on good authority that it is one of the best Horrors of the 2000’s. For along time I have avoided it, having a slight aversion to modern horror, hell if you know me, major aversion, so I procrastinated this to death. However, at $5 on amazon, how could I resist?

Ok, I have a slight DVD addiction, I hoard horror dvds like crazy, but I rarely take the effort to watch them, so my cabinet is full of many never opened titles, that were either on sale or on my must see list, and I have completely forgotten about.

So, here we go. This film starts with a Robert Englund cameo, and a very nicely gory, practical effects. Good start. From there you venture to an opening set against Mardi Gras, the male pig part of me was very pleased, some nice ladies on display here, in various states of undress. Then there is a Tony Todd cameo, go start again. Then Kane Hodder plays the villian, a lot of horror royalty on display here. There is also a bit of sense of humor, which when done right is a plus, and it’s not too bad in this case. There is some bizarre dialogue, a wannabe porn star told another that her nipples were dumb. Then an argument over if the police and the cops are the same thing or not. Atmosphere is great, mainly taking place in the bayou and at night. Some great shots also of the New Orleans cities of the dead add to this too. The story is pretty much atypical 80s slasher story, and the villain is very similar to Cropsey from The Burning.

Even though the North American version is apparently fairly cut, with a run time of 84 minutes as opposed to the European version that has a run time of 93 minutes, this film is pretty violent and gory. As mentioned above, it’s mostly well done practical effects too, a nice touch in modern horror. There is a pretty good scene in which Richard Riehle’s character is essentially cut in half, that was fun and pretty effective. The violence in general is pretty creative too, and moves this along quite nicely. I absolutely adored Misty and Jenna, they are not only stunning and well dressed, but they have some of the best lines in this, and great chemistry. And they have a fair bit of nudity too….a complete bonus. The shovel scene was great, and looked amazing.

In the end this was a good 80s style slasher, was creative in it’s kills and nicely gory, and had a fun sense of humor. Although by no means a masterpiece, definitely a great modern horror and worth checking out. I will definitely seek out the two sequels.

RATING A- (81%)

PROS: Creative kills, a fun sense of humor, great practical gore effects, attractive ladies. Good nostalgia for us fans of the 80s slashers

CONS: The killer isn’t terribly original, some of the mains are annoying and the ending is weak.

I was very wrong about this film, a pleasant surprise and a good reason why I started this project.

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