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31 Days – Day 9 – Campfire Tales




Again, here I go with anthologies. In this case I mistaken this for a 1980s one, and instead to my horror, discovered it was actually from the 1990’s and late 90s to boot. The nineties were a very bad decade for horror.

This one uses the cliched urban legends stories as their basis, the hook handed killer starts it all off. Amy Smart looked great in that segment and I loved the 1950s nostalgia element, but the story itself is done to death. Then we are brought to the wrap around, a car accident that leads four people into an old abandoned church in the woods, where they trade stories. The first story involves either skinwalkers or werewolves with an urban legend twist, the second one involves some very early internet stalking/predator and definitely had an icky feel to it. The 3rd part has a motorcycle breakdown and a mute woman, in an old decrepit house in the middle of nowhere.

The first story was subpar, the second was uncomfortable in it’s subject matter, the third was very atmospheric and suspenseful for the most part. The wrap around has a twist of sorts, nothing shocking or innovative, but it worked. There is little violence or gore, but some good atmosphere and decent pacing, which make this work.

As a whole, this was a rarity, a late 90s movie and anthology, which entertained me.

RATING: B(75%)

PROS: Third story as a whole, some good atmosphere, entertaining, good pacing.

CONS: you know the stories already, very little violence and gore.

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