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Day 8 – Bloodbath in the House of Knives Review

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I got a giftcard on a survey site for a new Amazon rip off company, HDNOW, but they had a pathetic catalogue of horror. So eventually I settled on this title, having little idea what I was in for.

This describes itself as a throw back to the giallos of the 70s, and is apparently comparative to Suspira and other Dario Argento films, how bad can it be?

It’s very low budget, almost on par with youtube videos technical wise, and the acting is questionable, there is a lot of poor line deliverance and a lot of actors having no emotion, but there is also some decent practical gore effects.

Plot wise, It’s a bit of a mixed bag of sorts, involving an evil hypnotist, and a masked killer, that is stalking a very bland and unattractive, attitudey woman. That’s the complete plot too. the hypnotist angle is dropped though, soon after the first act, and never mentioned again. There’s also Lloyd Kaufman in a bit part, which is always a bonus.

Like a lot giallos, it has a lot of points that drag. I was finding it hard to stay focused since there was often 10 minutes or more with nothing but bland, poorly delivered dialogue. The characters were all pretty flat. Lloyd was Great in this, but had very little onscreen time. There is also some bizarre timing, one struggle lasts about 6 minutes, with no reason or resolution. In the end, it’s a misnomer, not a bloodbath and no house of knives to be seen.

This same idea, a modern take on the giallo, was done far better in Brad Jones’s The Cinema Snob movie.

RATING: D(55%)

PROS: Really good gore effects, save for the first seen. Actually in terms of a low budget film, most of the gore effects are among the best I have ever seen.

CONS: Dull, predictable, badly acted. Some bad lagging.

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