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31 Days : Day 11 : Octaman Review

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I noticed a complete lack of old time creature features on this blog. So remembering wanting to see this title for a long ass time, and finding it for rather cheap, how could I resist.

This was made in the 1970s, but is a throw back to the 1950s, radioactive mutations monsters. It’s also one of Rick Baker’s first films. The premise is familiar, some scientists are in a third world country, studying the effects of nuclear testing on the environment, and of course there are disastrous results. There are eye crushings, tentacle impalements and strangling galore. There is also often octovision scenes, where through octoman’s eyes you can see 8 different views.

This film is pretty cheesy, the monster looks alright, but has no facial movements. It also is impervious to fire and gun shots but has a rather odd weakness. There are a lot of B movie staples here, bad day for night and back shots, inconsistency in some effects and even plot points. But in the end, it’s a fun throw back to the 1950s.

RATING: B(74%)

PROS: Cheesy in a good way, well paced, the VHS version has a great retro feel of course.

CONS: Some effects are over the top bad, contradicts itself several times.

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