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31 Days: Day 12: Succubus Hell-Bent Review

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Another shot a modern horror, this one drew me in with the cover lady. And let’s face it, a succubus is an intriguing horror villain. It also has Gary Busey and Lorenzo Lamas in the cast. Seems like a chance for good, mindless fun.

This movie has a tragedy attached to it, two pilots died during a crash involving the planes in the opening. Odd how satanic and demonic themed films seem to have accidents a lot. Moving forward, the plot revolves around two rich kid/broski types, one of whom has a one night stand with a fairly attractive brunette, with tragic results.

For an independent film, this has a relatively high budget and it shows it in places, and looks like a mainstream film. However, most of that is spent on scenery and flight scenes that add little to the plot. Considering the theme, there is very little nudity or gore, and this has a serious lag issue. Both Lamas and Busey have very small bit parts, and you really feel for them, for being in something like this. This movie is very underwhelming, a lot of who cares and so what? moments in it. Then they throw in completely annoying leads, and it’s an Eli Roth level mess. It rapidly degrades into almost a music video, with a lame ass emo band concert in a club and more of the ever awesome partying scenes. *sarcasm* Then there is nunchuks being part of the creature’s weakness….

They really should have used the money for gore or effects, but instead it seemed as if was just an excuse to blow money on parties and film it, instead of creating something worthwhile. A good premise, sadly wasted.


PROS: Some very attractive ladies, in very little clothing, the scenery is eye catching. Gary Busey is pretty hilarious as a demon hunter, but has very little screen time.

CONS: Dull, pointless, annoying lead characters, more emphasis on partying than horror. I was completely zoned out of this by the end, was so dull. No onscreen violence really, and little gore.


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