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31 Days: Day 13: Biozombie Review




So far this month, I have not had the greatest luck with some random finds, however that changed greatly tonight. Tonight, I found the glorious awesomeness of Biozombie.

Leave it to the asians to make a fun spin on the Dawn of The Dead, and did they ever do it damn well. This film, made in Hong Kong, keeps the Asian horror quirkiness and over the top characters, and throws in some great gore, violence and all around fun.

The premise of this follows two wannabe career criminals, that do odd jobs for gangsters, and bootleg VCDs on the side. This was 1998 remember. While going about their usual day of House of the Dead, and screwing up the menial task they were given by The Boss, they manage to inadvertently cause a zombie outbreak, having accidentally hit a yakuza member, whom had just purchased a bio weapon from some Iraqis. From there, they return to their bootlegging shop in a mall, and the infected follow them.

This movie had me laughing more than I could remember in recent times, it has a great sense of humor, and makes no effort to take itself seriously. It also bends the zombie mythos a little and it is a refreshing change. It is violent, gory, and a complete riot. Although this is not the best film of any of the now two 31 Days I have done, this is definitely one of my favorite, if not favorite.
Must see for asian horror fans, Dawn of the Dead fans and Shaun of the Dead fans especially.

RATING A+(86%)

PROS: Great quirky characters, over the top in all senses but in a good way, a welcome, different take on zombie flix.

CONS: Really only thing was that it is not dubbed, but it really makes no real difference.

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