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31 Days – Day 14 – Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer Review




This is a staple of the Walmart and Giant Tiger $5 bins, so I have been reluctant to buy it. However, having seen the trailer, Melissa and I agreed to check this out.

Again, we have another horror comedy, seems to be a lot of them this year. Also there is Robert Englund in this as well, which seems to keep happening, honestly I am not much of a fan, so it’s purely unintentional.

Anchor Bay has pissed me off again, selling a cut version and having no indication of such on it. My copy is the 85 minutes version, so has been cut about 6 minutes.

Moving forward, the story revolves around a psychotically angry plumber, whom witnessed his entire family being massacred by a sasquatch, and still carries guilt and anger for doing nothing. He ends up inadvertently releasing an evil entity, whom possesses Robert Englund’s character, his nightschool science professor.
The scene when the possession takes place is identical to the abysmal possession scene in Jason Goes to Hell. The monsters in this are cheesy as hell and there is a heavy reliance on toilet humor. It really plays and feels like a dull episode of Todd and the Book of Pure Evil- although they never had one.

This was highly disappointing. Maybe the 6 minutes cut was part of it, but not completely. It felt a lot like a teenager oriented horror.

RATING: C-(62%)

PROS: Was well paced, had a few entertaining parts.

CONS: Horrid monster effects, dull story, no real pay off.


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