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31 Days : Day 15 : The Uh Oh Show

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Sorry about the day hiatus, was the wife’s birthday yesterday, as well as an important medical appointment, that left me not wanting to do anything. But I’m back now and will finish this project again damn it.

This is another film I have procrastinated for a long ass time. However, I finally got a good deal on a used copy on Amazon, so had to get it. After the awesome Blood Feast 2, I had to see the other modern H.G. Lewis offering, besides I am a big fan of his original films too, so this was a massive must see.

The premise of this concerns the Uh Oh Show, which is a late night cable hit show, under the guise of a simulated gore soaked game show. With a twist. As per normal with H.G. Lewis, it is over the top with gore and makes no effort to take itself seriously. When some Saudi investors take interest in the show, they demand a pitch for something for network prime time, with same idea but stronger content.

This has a lot of gore and violence, as expected. It is very quirky, and surreal in parts. The gore is all practicals, and they look decent and work well. It’s also pretty inventive. It also winks at the camera here and there too, but in a good way. There is also a Lloyd Kaufman cameo, I swear Robert Englund and Lloyd have a competition for amount of cameos in the films I have watched this month. Again, Lloyd is great in this.

RATING: B(75%)

PROS: Has some fun moments, the gore effects are decent, fairly well paced.

CONS: A little bit of lag towards the end, the Grim fairy tales parts were pretty cliched and dull.


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