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31 Days: Day 16: Society Review




Alright, from now on if I see Brian Yuzna, anywhere involved with a film, It’s going off. This is the second time, he has went above and beyond in boring.

Society is an odd sort of film. It leads up to a potentially create twist, but then decides, screw it, lets just go over the top ridiculous and have an anti-climatic ending.

The crux of the store involves Billy, played by Billy Warlock, as an outcast within his own family, despite being very popular elsewhere. Then odd things start going on. And some wealthy, one percenters parties/orgies/incest gatherings, lead to some murders and some otherwise never explained nonsense.

This film ends with ridiculously, over the top, poorly executed effects, which take forever to get to. Seriously, nothing much happens until the last 15 minutes or so. Even then, what does eventually go on, is never explained and the film essentially just ends. I will not spoil anything, in case someone still wants to see this, but don’t. This film makes being dull an art form.

RATING: F(45%)

PROS: One or two gore effects were done alright, Billy Warlock always works well in anything he is in.

CONS: There is no real ending, takes about 75 minutes to get to the very slight point it has, the effects at the end are among the worst in a long time.


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