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31 Days: Day 17: Don’t Go in The House Review

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Ok, I am sorry again, but I have fallen way behind on this project. But I will do my best to be updated by tonight or tomorrow.

After the disaster that was Society, I wanted to say fuck it, and throw in the towel. Instead though, I have decided to do a re-watch, and review something that I know I love.

So here we are, one of the Video Nasties, Don’t Go In The House.

The story revolves around a tormented, Norman Bates type, played excellently by Dan Grimoldi, and his struggles with women. Also his love of torturing and murdering them in his steel encased torture room.

This film is best known for the scene with the flame thrower, and it is pretty well done. It’s not as graphic or as violent as you are led to believe, but the violence and pacing are done so well, it draws you in. The ending is a little strange, but in the end it’s a fun journey into madness. This is honestly one of my favorite of it’s ilk, it’s gritty, dark and grimy, and has a beautiful kind of ugliness. While not for everyone, any exploitation or genre fans, should be more than pleased.

RATING: A(85%)

PROS: Some good gore effects, very dark and grimy, Dan Grimoldi is phenomenal as the lead. Some great atmosphere.

CONS: Could have been a little more graphic.


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