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31 Days: Day 18: The Devil’s Rejects

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So on to the big guns. I needed something else good, after the abuse this project has done to my eyes and brain. So my biggest gun is out now, my favorite film of all time, The Devil’s Rejects.

For years, my two favorites were always gravitating between Dawn of The Dead or Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. Then came this masterpiece.

Alright, in reality, this as well as it’s prequel, are very similar to TCM 2, but it also expands on it and comes out in an amazingly dark, grimy and brutal way. The story picks up shortly after the events of House of 1000 Corpses. Having discovered what has happened to his brother, Sheriff Wydell, and a posse of local and federal cops, raid the Firefly house and then begins a road trip by the family to escape the cops, and a final stand off, that is among one of the best endings I have ever seen.

There is a lot of violence, some scenes that are very uncomfortable, likeable villains, and some great atmosphere, especially in a grimy, dirty hotel room. Even the dialogue is great in this. Rob Zombie really hit a homerun with this, too bad it’s been downhill even since.

RATING: A+(95%)

PROS: Perfectly graphic, is a great throw back to 70s horror and exploitation, likeable characters, great dialogue, awesome atmosphere, and a perfect ending.

CONS: May offend some, has some moments people may find very uncomfortable.

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