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31 Days: Day 19: Invisible Invaders Review

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Alright, been really busy lately, with back to work, and life in general, so I am a bit behind. I strive to update and catch up all day today and tomorrow for you.

The first time I had heard of this film, was on the Horrible Horror, compiliation tape, narrated by Zacherley, in the 1990s. I bought it when K-Mart when bankrupt in Canada, also had a big box Crazy Fat Ethel 2, but stupidly put it back. Since then, this has been a forgotten member of my must see list.

Strangely, this is one of maybe 2 Pre 1960s film on this blog, I am actually a massive fan of the Universal Classics and the cheap 1940’s RKO, MGM and independent horror. This is also said to be an inspiration for the classic, Night of The Living Dead, along with the Killer Shrews, which I actually enjoyed.

Plot wise, this film has the common anti nuclear weapon theme of the time, The basics are an alien race comes to earth to stop us from destroying everyone everywhere with atomic bombs. They use recently deceased corpses, made invisible, to stop our stupid ways. From there it turns to finding away to stop these moon dwellers, with scientists and the military racing to find a suitable weapon.

This film has a bit part for John Carradine, and stars 1950s staple John Agar, so the acting isn’t too bad, shockingly. There is a fair bit of this film that is liberally borrowed in Night of the Living Dead. It has the typical early Scifi feel, with some horror elements thrown in. Of course there is no gore, and very limited violence, as is the case with almost all films of this era, there are also some plot holes, such as John Carradine’s character dying in a nuclear explosion but somehow when his corpse is re-animated, has no visible injuries or damage.

Then some stock footage of a completely annihilated airforce plane crash occurs, but the dead pilot somehow has only minor facial wounds, despite a massive explosion. The invaders also choose sports venues, such as a community hockey game, to announce their threat. Somehow this causes a world wide outcry, which of course the military and governments ignore of course. There is a lot of stock footage of natural disasters and riots, and they actually fit in pretty well here. The film also has a lot in common with Plan 9, with the exact same general plan by the so called invaders. The military facility oddly reminds me a lot of the CDC building in Walking Dead season 2, as well as Day of The Dead’s military outpost, there is a lot of moments in this, that reflect some later films.

All in all, a very under appreciated, fun film.

RATING: B(75%)

PROS: Interesting to see where some of the zombie genre tropes have came from, some effects are great for it’s time, is a well paced, pretty fun film. This is the grandfather of the living dead/zombie genre. An odd case where stock footage actually works.

CONS: Some odd plot holes, some lapses in logic. Suffers a little from it’s time. The narrator is unnecessary. Could have used more invaders. The ending is unsatisfying.


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