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31 Days: Day 20: The Meatball Machine 2005 Review




I have no idea about this film, other than it is a remake of 1999 film. One thing I was aware of was that it was supposedly gory. So I am so in.

Story wise, is a little strange. It involves parasitic, robotic alien things, that latch on to human hosts and take them over, whom then go on to battle other of their species. So essentially there are alien/cyborg hybrid monsters battling it out, and then someone whom goes around killing them mid battle. There is also a love story of sorts.

The gore is over the top, as one can expect from a modern Japanese horror, with eye gouging/drilling and impalements galore. The monster/cyborg effects are kind of lame at times, ranging from alright to power rangers villain level. There is also very little dialogue oddly.

In the end, there is a lot of flash, but it’s really underwhelming to me. By no means bad, but nothing special either. Tokyo Gore Police last year, was kind of similar but much better.


PROS: Gory and gore effects done well

CONS: The character design was pretty poor, was not much of a point to it. Some bad CGI towards the end. Falls flat at the end. Huge pacing issue!!!!!!


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