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31 Days:ummm films ok: Day/film 21: Family

**This is the Masters of Horror Episode Family**


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Since Walking Dead Season 4 is tonight and very soon, I decided to go with something shorter for once. The only Masters of Horror titles I have seen so far, are Imprint, Cigarette Burns and Incident On and Off a Mountain Road. All three are excellent by the way.

So John Landis directed this, which kind of scares me off a bit, but George Wendt – Norm of Cheers fame – as a horror villain…Yes Please!!! How delightfully bad this could be!!!

Expectation wise I am thinking this will be like the ‘Burbs, which was a decent film but more graphic. Hope I am right.

The story follows George Wendt’s character, Harold, as he carries out his rather odd rituals, and reveals that beneath his innocent, well groomed, seemingly perfect home, lurks a dark secret. This is furthered when a younger couple moves in across the road, and begins a friendship with Harold, from there, some twists are revealed and the dark secrets play out.

First off, damn!! is Meredith Monroe stunning in this. Especially in a scene involving some dirty talk and a bed time scene. There is an sweet and dark overtone to this, and at some points you do legit feel for Harold, but then realities are revealed, which nulls that. The twist is satisfying enough, and it ends pretty well. Thematically this is far from new or innovative, but it works well and nicely kills about an hour.

RATING: B+(75%)

PROS: George Wendt works well in this, Meredith Monroe is simply stunning, a good example of a proven formula, done well.

CONS: Would have liked it to be more graphic, has a sort of mean spiritness to it that threw me off a bit


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