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Film 22 -31 Films not days ok- Pro-Life Review

-**This is the John Carpenter Masters of Horror film**

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So with only 3 days left, 1 of which, being Hallowe’en itself, which I have to work, It is becoming very unlikely that I will in fact complete all 31 films this year, at least on time. I certainly apologize to all my readers, but honestly I have really not been into this at all this year, having issues with health and mental state lately.

But enough of me, let’s get to what you are here for.

Pro-Life is apparently one of the more controversial episodes of Masters of Horror, and I first I debated whether or not to review it. I have no issue personally with the subject matter, I am Pro-choice, also I am a Christian, well a recently born again, and I understand the Pro-lifers stance, but being Lutheran, it is not my place to force beliefs on others. That being said, this film may provoke strong thoughts and opinions in some, maybe even draw me some heat. In the end I am a strong believer in freedoms, so I decided to watch and review this, and if it gets me issues, so be it.

John Carpenter and me are not a good pairing. Sure, like most I like Hallowe’en well enough, I love Hallowe’en 2, and he produced Hallowe’en 3 which I also love, but after those 3, I pretty much despise everything else he has ever made. I hated the Thing remake, it was not to my taste, and only other film of his I was alright with would be Star man or maybe if in a real good mood, Ghosts of Mars. So, this could be bad for me.

Alright, enough putting this off, let’s check this out.

The premise is simple enough, a pregnant 15 year old girl, is trying to evade her pro-life zealot brothers and father, whom are also heavily armed, so she can get an abortion. This brings hell upon the clinic, and mayhem ensues.

Ron Perlman plays the father, Dwayne, and he is great, and menacing.
There is a big twist to this, that is intriguing enough, but it’s also predictable. However, then tension in this is great, the score for this film shines through nicely too. The ending was satisfying save for one small point, but this was very well done. There are some issues with some CGI gore, and I don’t find gun violence particularly exciting, but in the end, what a solid short this is.

RATING: A-(81%)

PROS: Ron Perlman is excellent as the antagonist, the twist is handled well, there are some good gore moments and a lot of tension.

CONS: Definitely not for everyone, some bad CGI here and there, but otherwise, a damn fine short film.

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