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31 Films – Film 24: Critters Review

Ok, I am doing a retcon here. Since it’s now 436pm on October 29th and I am only 24 films deep. This is now changed to 31 Films not Days of Horror.

 photo critters_1_poster_03.jpg

I am also pulling out a title I have seen before, albeit, not since I was a kid…Honestly I have zero recollection of this.




Some fugitives escape an interplanetary prison, so the warden dispatches two neon green faced, bounty hunters to intercept them. In small town America, where the small creatures, have began consuming the locals.

There is a lot of 1980s character actors in this, Dee Wallace, Billy Zane and M. Emmet Walsh. The main characters, well the human ones are very 1980s staples, the rebellious but innovative and bratty kid, the misfit conspiracy theorist, and the atypical small town American housewife/mother, and of course the slutty older sister and her brainless taste of the week boyfriend. It’s great to see the old 1980s products and technology, been a very long time and really hit my sense of nostalgia. The critters themselves are well done for the time frame, and are extremely vicious, they also have the ability to shoot spines at victims. For a PG 13 film, it’s fairly Graphic. oh and the critters are pretty foul mouthed. there is also an ET doll rape scene.

This was actually far better than I remembered, sure it’s a little mindless at times, but has a great atmosphere, unintentional nostalgia, and some comically vulgar points for it’s target audience.

RATING: B(75%)

PROS: Good comedic elements, a decent sense of humor, strangely violent and vulgar for a kids type movie

CONS: Some minor pacing issues, ending was a little underwhelming but no means bad.

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