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DAY/FILM 23: Raiders of The Living Dead Review

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I have never encountered this film before, but being a Canadian made horror, I have very little hopes for this. Last Canadian zombie movie I can recall was the bland, mediocre Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things. Uhoh this appears to be shot on shitteo. Great…

Although, I must confess…The title is pretty epic.

First of the opening theme to this is wonderfully cheesy in the 1980s way and WILL STICK IN YOUR HEAD SO DAMN BADLY!!
Scott Schwartz, the child actor from A Christmas Story, whom later gained infamy from going into porn, stars in this..Another bad sign.

Wow, early on in this, a kid inadvertently makes a laser disc player into a weapon, accidentally killing his hamster. Hey there was a Citation 2 in this, that was my first car. Moving ahead, a reporter stumbles upon an ancient secret from a prison in a small town, and the dead come back to life, setting up a final battle with laser kid. The story is very 1980s zombie cliched…nothing too new here, plot wise. The characters are 1980s staples, an elderly doctor, 2 kids and a streetwise reporter….

Wow, the zombie effects are really bad, think dollar store Hallowe’en masks. Oddly though, there are some bits of well done gore effects here and there. There is some horrid acting, actually almost all the acting is bad really. As well, the timing of this film is really brutal, with a lot of filler, sometimes 10 minutes or more, with nothing really going on. There is a lot of day for night shots, badly done, an odd dream sequence, and some major lapses in logic and plot holes galore. The laser disc player cum laser gun effects are bad, and did nothing to local bullies but dispatch living dead in a single shot anywhere. There is also massive lighting issues since the over use of black filter.

This had a lot of potential as mindless fun, but turned into boring and frustrating very quickly.

RATING C-(62%)

PROS: Some rare moments of good gore, was a fun idea done poorly

CONS: Lighting, lag, lame zombies, and damn the theme song sticks in your head. By the end, I just didn’t care anymore, I wanted it over already, not a good quality. And wow was the end ever bland.

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