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31 Films # 27: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

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Again, I have went to one of my personal favorites, in a quest to end on a positive note. At one time, this overthrew Dawn of The Dead, as my favorite of all time, but it was in turn usurped by The Devil’s Rejects.

About 10 years after the first film, this sequel was released. It is completely different tone, from it’s predecessor. This plays out as a great black comedy/horror, with some awesome dialogue, quirky characters, and over the top gore.

After the death of his nephew, the disabled kid from the original film, Texas ranger Lefty- played awesomely by Dennis Hopper – tracks the Sawyer clan across Texas, seeking vengeance. Meanwhile, Drayton Sawyer, possibly my favorite horror villain ever, is making his rounds on the Chili contest circuit. It’s all in the meat, he proclaims, as well as You’ve got to have Prime meat, and so on. This character is so awesomely over the top and has some of the best lines in horror history. We are also introduced to another Sawyer family member, Chop Top, a bat shit crazy Vietnam vet, with a metal plate in his head. Bill Moseley is so perfectly insane in the role, and every seen he is in is a lot of fun.

This film has great atmosphere, great comedic timing, and a lot of well done gore and violence. The ending is perfect, the acting is great, and everything is so perfectly over the top.

RATING: A++(96%)

PROS: Great comedy, great gore, very violent, some great sets and amazing characters and acting. Perfectly cheesy in a good way.

CONS: Some people maybe put off by the massive difference between this and it’s predecessor.


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