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31 Films : # 28: Hallowe’en 3: Season of the Witch

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Alright, I know I will likely get some flack for this review. Let’s face it, pretty much every horror blogger and vlogger have reviewed it this year or even in years past. However, I really wanted to re-watch this again, do almost every year, and figured what the hell.

This film divides our community a lot. Maybe more than any other title ever. There are 2 factions really, those that see this movie for what it is, and love it, and those whom despise it for the main reason that it has nothing to do with Micheal Myers. I belong to the first group personally.

This film will always be ingrained in my psyche. The posters for this, very similar to the above DVD cover pic, haunted me as a child, as I wandered through many a video store.

After witnessing a murder of a patient in his ER, which ends in the murderer also killing himself, by dousing himself in gas and lighting it, Tom Atkins- another actor that has shown up on this blog a lot -, teams up with the murdered man’s daughter, to figure out what has went on. Through the mask the dead man was carrying, the popular new Silver Shamrock line, they are led to the factory, and into a bizarre and sinister plot.

First off, the Silver Shamrock theme song, will stick in your head for all eternity, at first it is an annoyance, but it soon grows on you. The effects here are pretty cheesy, but fun. It’s some what violent, well paced and a great villain. The masks even look great.

RATING: A(85%)

PROS: Great villain, fun film, Tom Atkins is great as always, a perfect Hallowe’en movie in all senses.

CONS: Some of the effects have not aged well, could have been more violent.


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