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31 films: # 31 The Nightmare

Previously on Violence, Viscera and Vixens 31 days:

Some fucking moron Retconned it all,

and they put it off a few days

My friends I bring you # 31 … The Nightmare


So, on November 8th, I give you our finale… What a finale it is…

Two names, Alice Cooper and Vincent Price…. horror royalty. The reason I fell for the genre. The muppet show, at a young age, introduced me to both.

The Nightmare, originally an ABC tv special… brought Alice to the mainstream. It follow’s Cooper’s main character, Steven, into his decent into madness….through the whims of Price’s spirit of the nightmare. It also launched the amazing Welcome to My Nightmare album and legacy. Steven, a disturbed teen, is trapped, by said spirit…or so we think.

In my eyes, this is the perfect rock opera. Horror filled, great sound track, well paced, I think we can all agree with Steven, a truly human character, Follow him through the necrophiliac Cold Ethel, to meeting the Black Widow….until his coda and namesake song….Steven. All are perfectky dark. In the end, it is watered down, since was made for TV, but otherwise perfect.

RATING: A+ (98%)

PROS: Possibly the best horror musical ever, Vincent Price as our guide

CONS: no real violence, hard to find

I think we can all identify with this as horror fans, although it is unreleased on DVD, is readily found online aka Youtube. Steven is relatable to us all..Even if you have seen the nightmare, find this, it’d way better


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