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Silent Night Review

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I was not a Christmas person until a few years ago. This was from various family issues and whatnot, but that is not what you are all here for, so I wont bore you with the details. So in the last two years, I began accumulating Christmas films, especially horror ones, since recent events have ended my family’s traditions, I longed for new ones.

Silent Night, Deadly Night, was one of the more controversial 1980s slashers, despite some of the time protests being a publicity stunt, there were legit uproars and pickets at theatres that dared to show it, and it guaranteed it a decent profit by doing so. It’s actually a decent 1980s slasher, if you dropped the Santa killer gimmick though, it would be mostly forgettable. It spawned an ok sequel, a second sequel with Bill Moseley with a see through plastic helmet on his head, and 2 in name only disasters. Then came this remake.

Again aprehension struck me with this film. Good remakes are far and few between, but having heard a decent buzz on the horror blogger and vlogger circuit, I was intrigued. So it has sat on my shelf since May, totally forgotten, among an ever expanding library of unopened titles. However, with our tree already up, the yule log channel started on Expressvu, and just needing some kind of spirit. I had to indulge, after a long days work.

First off, the cast seems promising, Jamie King is attractive as hell and Malcolm McDowell is always great, the cover art is awesome in a crappy, ironic way…This has a lot of potential.

The story involves a masked killer Santa Claus killing people in various sins, with a variety of implements and methods. There turns out to be a sinister back story to the town, which reveals itself piece by piece.

I love the small town feel of this, makes me nostalgic for home. Then there is the porn shoot scene, my word the porn actress is stunning, and running down the street topless. There is a nice wood chipper kill, but CGI took me out of it a bit. There is a bit of a dark sense of humor to this, which I really enjoyed, it’s a kind of self aware film, done well for the most part. Malcolm is great in every scene, he seems to be having a great time, and has some of the best lines in the film. The gore is all CGI, and only one scene is direct from the original, it’s not hard to guess which one. As normal the cgi effects look awful, but I really liked this film.

It is quirky, bloody, sleazy and amazingly self aware, making it a really fun watch. It suffers from some awful CGI in parts, and the story is predictable, but it’s mindless as hell, and fun as hell. There is even damn Ho Ho Ho brass knuckles. This film is great.

More like a re-imagining than a remake, it is a decent stand alone film. If you like the original, you should do well with this, I actually preferred this astoundingly.

RATING: A- (81%)

PROS: Beautifully self aware, some nice female toplessness, sleazy in a fun way, does not attempt to take itself serious, great setting, Malcolm McDowell is having fun in this.

CONS: CGI gore, and not well done, an ending effect was really badly done, making it laughable. The ending in general was a little weak.

Some good festive fun.

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