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Vlog # 1: An update of sorts

OK QUICK CAVEATS: I am challenged on a technical level, I am completely self teaching and using substandard hardware and software, so please keep this in mind. Oh and I have the mother of all sinus colds at the moment. My cam is a whole $4 from China special and my headset, which is also used for my work, is on it’s deathbed….


2 responses to “Vlog # 1: An update of sorts

  1. hazer772

    Wow what is going on with my hair, sorry folks, I may not persue this medium any further, I have crappy ass equipment, on purpose mind you..I am cheap, and I have no clue what I am doing.

  2. Laura MacLeod ⋅

    I thought the update sounded great, I hope you keep it up and do more in the future!

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