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Juan of the Dead Review

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This was another highly recommended film, which lately has not been a good thing for me, having a success rate of maybe 40 percent with all these quote amazing films.

I was walking into this expecting a Shaun of the Dead clone, a zomedy if you will. The leads are remarkably similar to cuban variations of Nick Frost and Simon Pegg. There is also a lot of social and political commentary splattered through out, including the Cuban state sponsored media blaming the zombie plaque on American government sponsored dissidents. This leads to a government sanctioned nation wide protest, which provides an excellent buffet for the living dead.

There’s a lot of sight gags, a scene that pays homage to Fulci’s zombie, an awesome underwater scene, and they actually make a business of sorts to profit from the over run of dissidents. There are a lot of quirky characters, including a lady boy and his giant boyfriend, a boneheaded surfer type named California and Juan himself is awesome. And THERE’S A DANCE SEQUENCE!!!

This by far exceeded my biggest expectation for it. If you like horror comedies, this is among the best. It’s poignant, very well made, has likeable characters and is a must see. This stands among the best modern horror ever, in my opinion.

RATING: A+(90%)

PROS: Great sense of humor, some great gore, an awesome homage to a lot of the genre. Social and political commentary nicely blended in. Was not a Shaun of the Dead clone as I had expected. Some innovative violence, especially towards the end.

CONS: Would have nice to have been dubbed.

This may give Father’s Day, also oddly made in 2011, a run for it’s money in my Movie of 2013.


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