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Happy New Year

Wow, what a year this blog has gone through. Some of the worst horror in years, but still I have endured. Sure, my reviews had waned at times, due to this dry spell of sorts this year. But exciting things are on the horizon for 2014, well hopefully. I have added a lot of new titles, and am going to use this horridly cold winter, as a way to catch up.

But without further ado, the best new film, for me, of 2013…..
remember film I have never seen, not necessarily new in terms of time.

 photo f5f7e85b-d018-4de1-a35e-34bfab1b4bc7.jpg

link to review here:

Hopefully, the rest of the Astron-6 library, which I have just acquired, is this good. Really looking forward to Manborg, which is in the mail.

Juan of the Dead is the runner up, and if you forgot or did not read this before, Psycho 2 was last years pick.

Thanks for checking us out, and best wishes in 2014 to you all.

Jason Wayne.


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