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Ghoulies III: Ghoulies Go to College Review

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I really feel for Kevin McCarthy. He starred in the excellent Invasion of the Body Snatchers, but after that was condemned to bad 1980s and 1990s direct to video horror, and bit parts or special guest spots in TV of the same era. I was not surprised one bit, when he turned up in this film….

I got this on a Lionsgate 8 pack, alongside Unholy, Bud the Chud, and Waxworks. I was not big on Ghoulies, but thoroughly enjoyed the first sequel, with it’s carnival background, likeable cast and decent sense of humor. So maybe this will be the middle ground?
I have little faith though.

So the ghoulies are released after reading a crappy knock of Tales From the Crypt, Ghoulish Tales if you may. After a frat boy finds the comic in a bathroom wall, a professor, Kevin McCarthy, inadvertently releases them and they wreak their usual havoc, this time in college. There is a war between two frat houses, during Prank Week, to reclaim the prank crown, but with the Ghoulies showing up, a 3rd entity soon joins in.

Wow, a lot of sight jokes, and bad puns, what a shock. Of course the obligatory bathroom humor too. Kane Hodder has a barely there cameo, in a sight gag at the beginning. and the Ghoulies talk now….I’ve seen reviews comparing this to Animal House meets Gremlins and that is spot on. It’s all pretty cartoonish, but parts of it are actually kind of fun. This film just overflows with 90s dumbness, which for me, being in my teens in the 1990s, gave it an extra bonus.

It’s brainless as hell, bordering on stupid even, but I enjoyed this film. It reminds me a lot of Todd and the Book of Pure Evil or the 90s tv series BoneChillers, both of which I loved. Sometimes I need a break from realism, and this was perfect for this. A complete so bad it’s good movie, has all the elements. Bad jokes, mindless plot, over the top characters and hammy acting. There is a great chance most of you will hate this, and I can completely understand it, just for me it hit a few spots. And it made me smile for a bit, nothing wrong with a film that can do that.

It’s in the end, the movie equivalent of Doritos. Not the greatest thing for you, no real nutritional value, but has a decent, addictive taste to it. Satisfying, but leaves you feeling guilty afterwards.

Rating: B(74%)

PROS: Brainless fun, goes fast, beautifully over the top in everything but gore and violence. Great 1990s feel.

CONS: Not for everyone, some of the bathroom humor is tiresome, some parts are cartoonish to a stupid level.


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