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Frankenstein’s Army Review

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I have had awful luck lately with Amazon private sellers. In fact twice now something has supposedly shipped, and never came. Both cases I was issued a refund, however, I was not able to get the titles I wanted at the same or similar price. So instead of Manborg, I got this.

Frankenstein’s Army was supposedly another faux grindhouse / throwback film, and was highly praised on horror blogs and vlogs. So I blindly bought it, anticipating at least a fun film, but again not doing my homework, or checking the trailer.

The film is a found footage style, and follows a Russian platoon in the final days of World War 2, the squadron is followed by a camera crew in an attempt to film propaganda for Stalin. After receiving a distress call from another Russian unit, our anti-heroes are led to battle the titular squadron, with gory results.

This movie has major issues with shaky cam, and some lighting issues as well, and both get old quick. The creature design and the set designs, however, are excellent, especially considering the budget. There is a fair amount of gore, some very well done and others completely awful, and sometimes even offscreen. The sound in this has an annoying as hell, headache inducing squeal frequently, which only served to piss me off.

There is very little character development, and the little there is, makes the Russians incompetent, brutal and unlikeable. They are at best cliches. So the I don’t care factor is strong in this film, and then you add in some severe lagging issues for the 1st half hour or so, which makes this hard to keep watching. THe ending really is not existent and there is no real payoff.

In the end, some great ideas, with a subpar execution, especially ruined by the found footage gimmick.

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RATING: C (65%)

PROS: Creature effects are great and creative, the sets are awesome, there is some genuinely good gore effects.

CONS: A lot of who gives a fuck about characters, severe lagging in parts, shaky cam, some lighting issues and annoying sound effects.

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