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Machete Kills Review

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I loved the initial Machete film, I was so awed by the faux trailer and when it got made, was beyond impressed. It was brainless as hell but fun, and a very pleasant surprise. It had the great grindhouse feel and cheesiness I love. So the sequel, yes please.

Now the box office was not kind to this film and it seems to be universally panned. So I was very reluctant to view this, but I got a phenomenal deal on this during a recent DVD binge, and after a couple weeks of procrastination….here we go.

Okay, the film starts with a trailer to it’s sequel, which looked amazingly stupid and fun. Also though, it spoils this film a lot. So fast forward it….. Also I seriously doubt Machete Kills Again, In Space will get made now since this film lost money…god, I hope it does.

So the plot involves Machete, being a hired assassin of the President of The US, played by Charlie Sheen, ok in this, he uses his real name Carlos Estevez, his mission is to take down a cartel lord, whom has came into possession of a nuclear warhead, which he is aiming at Washington DC. From there comes some strange twists, some laughable and some hilarious carnage, two scenes involving helicopter blades are a great laugh.

This is a fun as hell film, by no means as good as the first, but still is a great watch. It’s completely mindless fun. There are multiple dismemberments, a ton of gore and a really silly ton to this, making it a complete blast. Some over used CGI and some stupid gimmicks – gattling gun bra? – take away from it, but this is no means as bad as most people make it out to be. There is no ending to this perse, but it’s still great fun.

RATING: A-(80%)

PROS: Critics be damned, I enjoyed this. Was mindless, didn’t drag at all, very gory and Mel Gibson was a great cartoonish villain. Danny Trejo is great.

CONS: No real ending could put some people off, some bad CGI effects, sometimes borders on too brainless in parts. The Machete don’t lines get old fast, but keep coming and coming.


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