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A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

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Well this rainy day off has been bad, I finally decided to work on this and watch some of my unopens and was underwhelmed by The Return of The Vampire and completely driven to near madness at the stupidity of The Final Destination. So, I decided to go with something that I had not opened, and I know I like, well at least used to, been 20 years since I seen this.

Truth be told, I do not like Freddy Krueger as a character, he never appealed to me. Honestly, I have never seen Part 2 or Freddy’s Dead, but I will watch 2 soon, it came on this Blu Ray combo pack. Will this hold up? Last time I saw this, I was 16 years old, and it was a beer and pizza night…does my nostalgia blind me with this?

So Freddy is back and terrorizing Kristen, an insomniac, whom has been having graphic nightmares that ended with a seeming suicide attempt. She is then brought to an asylum, filled with teens suffering the same fate….Some old faces make their returns, and a face off with Freddy, on his level ensues.

The cast in this is pretty stellar, a young Laurence Fishburne, Patricia Arquette, John Saxon, and a cameo by Zsa Zsa Gabor. This film is by no means amazing, but it’s entertaining as hell, and the effects are pretty well done for it’s time frame. Hell, it even surpassed The Final Destination, which ok is not hard, considering how awful that was. It’s movie junk food, not quite doritos, maybe something more, like a greasy pepperoni pizza. It’s awful for you on some levels, and greasy, but gets the damn job dumb. This actually held up better than I remembered it.

RATING: A- (81%)

PROS: A good story line, some fun characters, a good pace and dark sense of humor.

CONS: Mostly brainless, a slightly pointless subplot that had a lot of potential, but was merely a set up for future sequels and pretty much dropped in this.


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