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The Final Destination Review




I own a 3D samsung, I have used the function but twice. The version of this film I have however, is the old cheap ass 3D, and since I have only 2 pairs real glasses and hate the shitty old 3D, gonna 2D this one.

I got this movie for Christmas 2009, and it has sat unopened since. It’s not that I disliked the series, hell the 1st one was even pretty damn good, the sequels are mindless but fun and gory enough, this just gave me bad vibes.

Well the opening is not as spectacular as the par for the course in this series, it feels forced, and the CGI gore is PS2 level. Beyond bad really, maybe the worst I have scene in a big budget release ever. Not a good start, my word why did I do this to myself…..

Wow, annoying cliched characters, including a Not Zack Morris. Why why why didn’t I leave this curse sealed. Ok, I can get through this. I was talked out of re watching Dream Warriors for this… Damn company. Ok, I digress…

As usual there are creative kill scenes, but really is this the world’s most unsafe town. Accidents happen everywhere and anytime and are mostly due to lack of common sense. Really it reminded me of a crappy workplace safety video. Alright I am seriously nearly done with this film, bird shit as a device of death…I am not kidding.

Plot wise, after nearly escaping a massive accident at a NASCAR track, some cliched characters encounter a chain reaction of accidents and deaths, which follow the design of random douchey guys premonition. Basically identical plot to the 1st, well all the franchise really. Things happened, because well they can, there is little to no reason or explanation, again par for the course here. This formula is tired and weak, and needs to be put to rest, but of course, corporate Hollywood made a 5th entry.

I am done with this series, at 1st it was kind of a nice change, then became movie doritos, but this is unforgiveable, Eli Roth level nonsense.



PROS: Pacing is ok, some creative violence, the one scene featuring nudity was ok.

CONS: Unlikeable characters galore, things happen because well they can, pretty sure these are the worst CGI gore effects I have ever seen, if not, damn close. Stupid characters are killed by being stupid. Predictable ending, basically same as all before it.


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