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Manborg Review

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trailer posted to youtube by Astron6Video

This film was a pain in the ass to acquire. It was first hard to track down, then I located it for $18 on Amazon, but it got lost in the mail and I ended up getting a full refund. Also oddly, at the same time, from a UK seller, The lost skeleton returns, was also lost by good old Canada Post. So moving forward a few months, only seller that had this film, was the one that it got lost in mail from, and a few Ebayers that wanted $40 or more. Until 2 weeks ago. I found a collector from Quebec selling off his collection and got this for an awesome $10 shipped.

So after nearly 1 year of seeking this out, I was elated to get it finally. How did it hold up? Or even worse, would the disc even work? With the disasters surrounding this, I had my doubts.

Well, it worked fine.

Manborg opens with a battle scene, in an apparent war between humanity and the higher tech armies of hell. After his platoon is wiped out, our lead, nameless at this point, witnesses his brother being brutally killed and then eaten, by the evil Lord Draculon, the general / ruler of hell. Draculon then dispatches our lead too, until his corpse is dragged off mysteriously.

Manborg, mostly shot on green screen, is a direct throwback to the 1980s horror/action/scifi films, much like Cannon released. It is over the top in silliness, violence, sight gags and one liners. Which all work very well.

Once reborn, Manborg is quickly captured, after he meets up with #1, a Liu Kang ripoff. Once imprisoned, he also meets the Aussie accented Justice, a marksman, and his sister Mina, a general female bad ass, and complete stunner. This unlikely band, is forced to compete against various denizens of hell in a gladiator area. From there this misfit group escapes, Manborg’s origins are revealed, and a final battle ensues.

There are some great moments, the explanation of how hell was released on earth, was pretty damn hilarious. The dialogue is over the top cheesy, and so are the effects. To me, it had a strong 1985 kind of feel, which was great. There is stop motion, green screen and CGI blended with practical effects, and it works well enough to make it’s point. It’s very short, under 1 hour, and has a hilariously awesome faux trailer for Bio Cop, to fill out another 7 or so minutes.

Another great entry from Astron 6, I need to watch the 4 hours of short films that Troma released, that I bought months ago. I hope they get their funding for The Editor, it looks like it will be fun too. If you love the 1980s films and or B movies You should do very well with this.

RATING: A-(80%)

PROS: oozed the feel of 1985 for me- which is a good thing, doesn’t drag, decent enough story, characters are likeable enough.

CONS: Some might be off put by the video gamesque arena scenes, there was a side plot involving Mina and the Baron- that kind of fell flat and was basically ignored for the 2nd act.


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