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Slaughterhouse -1987- Review

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Trailer Uploaded to Youtube by User: HORRORF3ST

This odd promo as well, strange enough for a low budget film, but also feels very 1970s. Also uploaded by user: HORRORF3ST

Hillbilly horror…..It really went crazy in the 1970s with advent of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and various B movie versions, rip offs and knock offs. Hicksploitation even if you will. I like the sub-genre well enough, and the comedic variations have been some of my favorite films ever. Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, Lunch Meat and Motel Hell, all come to mind, and are perfect examples of this done right. So after coming across this promo, I had to check this out.

Wow, what an title sequence, after a generic teens teens at makeout point bit, and a predictable consequence, in it’s bloody glory, we open with real life footage of how pork is made at a 1980’s factory farm, from culling of the pigs to processing.

Well, that was a depressing start. Slaughterhouse is what you expect it is. A typical backwoods slasher film from the 1980’s with a dark sense of humor. It follows Lester Bacon, an old time farmer, in his struggle to keep his family farm, and old time slaughterhouse from being bought out and rundown by a big Agra corporation. His delayed son, identifies more with pigs than humans, and then carnage begins with a giant meat cleaver.

This film is not terribly violent, or gory, but does have some creative use of violence and decent gore. It also has a lot of humor to it, including homages to Smoky and The Bandit. As well, it often homages Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

There is a very dark shift in tone towards the end, the fun, over the top Lester and Buddy, his son, drop the fun and happy go lucky schtick and go completely dark. This shift was okay, at least it went from silly to dark not vice versa. The ending is basically every 1980s slasher ending, nothing new here, which kind of let me down.

All in all, done better in Lunch Meat, Motel Hell and Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, but still in it’s own right a decent film.


PROS: There was a sense of fun to this, the Smoky and the Bandit homage scene was good, The violent scenes were well enough done and creative, the Lester Bacon character was great.

CONS: Was a fair bit of lagging issues, I found myself drawn outside of this a lot, some plot points are pretty much useless other than to waste time.

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