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Dellamorte Dellamore – aka Cemetery Man Review

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As I often like to do, I procrastinated this film a lot. Since at least 1998, maybe even as early as 1996. No reason why really, maybe I forgot, maybe I never stumbled upon it too often.

Cemetery Man, I’m going on the english title, follows Dellamorte, a groundskeeper for an old time small villa Italian cemetery, and his assistant Gnagi. They have another reason for keep the grounds, the living dead. Mandrake like roots are causing the dead to come back, and our heroes have to prevent the zombies from infecting the living.

This is an odd movie. It is a black comedy, gory and oddly emotional. There is an odd love plot, that always goes awry, and things seem to happen pretty randomly. It comes across pretty vulgar and hilarious, but there is a deep emotional undertone to it. The ending, well the last 20 minutes really, are completely strange, and make a major tone shift. I really did not like the ending personally, it was a what the hell moment, never really explained. There is a lot of gore, and it’s well done, some fun moments, but this was a long 96 minutes.

It was no means bad, You’ll probably even like it, but I was overall disappointed. This was not as great as hyped up to be. For me it was merely alright, mostly forgettable.

RATING: B- (71%)

PROS: Good gore effects, some fun moment, Anna Falchi is very stunning and very nude in this a lot. The mains are likeable enough, some great imagery and atmosphere, and some amazing shots.

CONS: Lags a lot. The ending is very anti-climatic.


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