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Gory Gory Hallelujah Review

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This was my most recent pick up, well that has arrived, I have two more on the way as you read this. I did not know a lot about this, but it was well recommended from what I consider a reliable source

Gory, as I shall refer to it from here on it, follows casting for the role of Jesus, in an off Broadway version of the Greatest Story Ever. We are introduced to the callbacks for the role, Skye – an Asian hippy, reminds me of Keanu Reeves in the 1980s, Rahim – a stereotypical angry black militant, Jessie – a hardline feminist, and Joshua – the stereotypical jewish guy. After all being turned down for the role, the director casts himself. They embark on a road trip to try out for another part in New York, but encounter some hazards on the way. And what hazards they are. Oh….and it’s a musical.

There are a gang of Elvis impersonators of various sizes and shapes, corrupt southern sheriff and deputies, religious zealots. a coven, rapist hillbillys and ummmm zombies.

There is not actually much gore, or violence, until near the end. All effects are pretty bad, but it goes with the them of this film really. It is brainless to an art form. Tries to offend basically everyone, and hits and misses with sight gags, references and slapstick. That all being said. It is a relatively fun movie. It was nowhere near what I was expecting, I anticipated a darker tone, so was mildly disappointed. It reminded me a lot of Jesus Christ: Vampire Hunter, really, but was inferior to it. It’s not horrible but nothing outstanding either. The characters are likeable enough, it made me laugh a few times, and was cheesy enough to be enjoyable.

RATING: B-(70%)

PROS: Pacing is not bad, likeable enough mains, did not completely fail in its comedic efforts.

CONS: A lot of comedy fails, not dark enough, tries to hard to offend everyone.

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