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Unhinged Review

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Ahhh the multipacks, an often regretful purchase, which sometimes yields a very rare gem or two, occasionally saves some serious cash from an overpriced legit release, which only turns out to be awful, or of course, loaded with absolute crap. I purchased a multipack in November, Tormented Souls, for just that hope, a rare gem, which I thought would be Unhinged.

I created this blog, mostly because of awful blind buys, and ill advised recommendations. I’ll be honest, I have been burnt A LOT, on blind buys. Unhinged would have been one of such, had I not picked it up on this pack for around $10 shipped. How pissed I would have been, had I purchased it, on it’s own.

Misrepresentation, especially through posters and trailers, seems to be a staple of the 1980s horror genre in general. This title here is a perfect example. Billed as being banned in the UK, sure it was, but clearly censors never watched it, and all the trailers and promos play it out as a bloody, gore soaked slasher, however, instead we are treated to a dull, exposition heavy, plot whole filled, mess.

After a storm washes out the road, whilst en route to a jazz festival, three young women are stranded at an old Victorian style house, where they are tended to by the strange Marion and her overbearing, angry, senile mother. From there, disappearances occur, some odd events take place and a secret is revealed.

Now alright, by no means does that sound innovative, but tolerable comes to mind plot wise. Pretty par for the course, how could this go wrong?? Well first off, the pacing is awful in this film. About 2/3s of it is random chatter, some awful exposition with the cast almost looking into the camera at you, shoving you along. There is basically no violence whatsoever, all characters are dispatched off screen, and later a quick pan or flash of stage blood or mediocre gore effects happen. Sub plots are created and soon after prove to be pointless. There is even one character that has basically no dialogue and her only point is to be a member of the body count, the whole 4 that inhabit this film. This is not a slasher movie by an stretch of the definition, it is more so a failed thriller.

…..However, the last 15 minutes or so of this film, are batshit crazy. The twist is nothing terribly new, there are a few hints at it, if you paid attention – ok could stay awake long enough to pay attention – but a lot of people will not see it coming. It actually works, and causes a massive shift in tone. Which turns what would be largely forgettable, and severely disappointing, into an interesting footnote of the genre during it’s time.

All in all, The lead actress Laurel Munson, is stunning beyond words, she has great eyes, and a nice figure that is often in full display and the last 15 minutes including the ending, while do not redeem this, make it worth checking out for free, or as part of a multipack for sure.

RATING: C(65%)

PROS: Laurel Munson is stunning and on full display in this, the ending and the last 15 minutes were pretty good.

CONS: Awful overuse of exposition, horrible rain and lightning effects, pointless sub plots and minor characters, plot holes, and stupid characters acting stupidly.


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