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House of Death aka Death Screams Review

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Well having just endured one of the worst films in a long time, how can it get any worse. This has to be better than The Pit, right??

This I stumbled on completely by accident and I have zero knowledge of anything about it, minus the kind of cool poster above there. I am not expecting a masterpiece, but with the duds I have endured lately, I have to catch a break soon, Right???

No trailers is a bad sign though.

So we start alright, two morons are making out on a motorcycle beside train tracks, and are waiting on the train to finish the deed. Some early boobs, and then a double garroting open the film. Well, maybe we have something here.

Oddly this was directed by the older brother of Ricky Nelson….

Well we start off in a 1980s small town grocery store, with lots of product shots, ahhh how this melts me, I always love the nostalgia factor of these scenes, they take me right back. And a carnival too, good start for sure. Well for my nostalgia, hope it does not blind me.

The plot involves standard slasher fare. A final party for a group of highschool students before they head off to college. Only to be disturbed by an unknown killer. Really par for the course for its time, nothing new here. After their party moves from lakeside to a cemetery, a storm drives them inside an abandoned house, where mayhem ensues.

I have to hand it to Jennifer Chase, whom plays Ramona, the token easy girl, she is not only well endowed but very attractive. Of course she has various states of undress including a nice shower scene that is not what you would expect. There is also by far the best shot skinny dipping scene I have ever scene, complete with good underwater camera work. There is not a lot of violence, it’s mostly off screen, with some shots of after effects, most are merely okay, nothing new or outstanding though. There is a decent dismemberment scene in an open grave and a staircase disembowelment that was pretty fun, but everything else again is pretty basic.

I loved all the settings in this, they are among all my favorites, all in the same film, so this adds further to my bias. It was well enough paced, had some likeable characters and a decent climatic kill. I think I will actually try to seek this out and buy it, I enjoyed it. Maybe it was the dreck I had recently endured elevating this, but I would recommend this.

RATING: B(75%)

PROS: About 3 good kill scenes, the best skinny dipping scene on film so far for me, great settings, brainless but fun.

CONS: A lot of offscreen violence, not much reason for what happens really, some pointless plot points and characters.

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